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Over 37 year experience as an entrepreneur and employee for large corporation agenda and demands.

 Technology, networking, business assessment, accounting, programming, corporate systems and solutions yet providing support for the small companies as well.

USAF as a Navigational Avionics System Specialist from the 80's, Devon graduated the National School of Technology with a 4.0 GPA studying computer science programming accounting systems ERP. Acquiring many skill-sets delivered a smoother use of technology for the Clients of his own company that businesses and users connect with.

Several Corporations invited Devon to the IT Manager of their organization because of issues and goals needing to be achieved in technology from the consulting received from Devon’s company.

ERP/Cloud accounting, solutions, cluster servers for Windows and Linux, providing 24/7 support connecting systems to his cell before most knew how to provide this kind of support. As IT Department Manager for a IT Systems of a 50 Mil company in Michigan, and a administrator for Linux (ERP accounting system), Windows(Servers & VOIP servers) and Apple products, this has been  a good foundation along with supplying security camera systems and large format copier/printer repair.

Web Development and photography experience teaching several continuing education classes to local professionals and students at Kendal School of Art and Design in Grand Rapids Mi. while being an imaging professional at Labakk Studios imaging for Frigidaire in Grand Rapids in the 90's. 

Small offices and large corporate settings have benefited from this kind of excellence.

The mission of making the technology serve the company while utilizing the Best Practices of each environment.

Helping clients close their books, providing a preventative maintenance environment, servicing repairs, building business WEB Sites and providing new systems hardware and software is part of our daily routine. 

With the whole business in mind, making technology work for our clients in the best possible way.

Please feel free to make an appointment for consulting for your businesses next best thing in technology. We also work with other IT organizations that are out of town providing an economic solution for many kinds of local support here in Williston, ND 

Let us serve you. 

Thank you for taking the time to read our history and goals for providing excellent service, also call us for a free quote on high quality toner and ink supplies that are guaranteed and running the some of the highest quality environments.

Feel free to look up Devon Capman's resume up online in google search.

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Consulting Service

Business Systems, Video Security Systems, Service plans, IT Development and Optimization for best fit and practice for any size business.

Service Contracts

Keep your systems running smoothly. Complete servicing of all types of IT systems.

Repair Service

On-site service and repair of nearly all types of business systems.

Contact us and let us set up and appointment to serve you.

Email devoncapman@gmail.com or call 701 339-0816

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